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Terms and conditions Ostrich cosmetic

Terms and Conditions of

Camelus s.r.o.

CSA  Nam.slobody 5, 974 01 Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

ID: 36038296, Tax ID: 2020093306

VAT number: SK2020093306.

I. Basic Provisions

1. These terms govern the rights and obligations of Camelus inc. and customer for the sale and purchase of cosmetics based on ostrich oil and other goods of Camelus inc. They are mandatory for all customers of Camelus inc - that is for physical and legal entities, which sent  an order.

2. Relations between Camelus inc. and customers, that are not treated by these general terms and conditions, are governed by provisions of the Commercial and Civil Code.
These general terms and conditions shall enter into effect on the date of their publication on the website of Camelus inc. ( Company Camelus inc. reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions as required.

II. Order of goods

1. The order may be sent by mail to Camelus inc. Nam.slobody 5, 974 01 Banska Bystrica, Slovakia,  by phone or fax on the phone numbers of company , by
e-mail to e-mail address or through e-commerce on the website of Camelus inc. at

2. The customer is obliged to state in the order the following:
a) Name of legal persons, firms, respectively name and surname of physical person, residence / home address, Reg. No, VAT number, contact
information (phone, fax or e-mail address).
b) Name of the goods ordered, respectively its description.
c) The quantity of ordered goods
d) The address of delivery (if this is not indicated, it is considered that the goods should be delivered to the address / residence of the
e) Date of delivery - if the customer makes agreement with the company Camelus inc. otherwise than is provided in these market conditions.
f) Name and surname of the customer, respectively signature of the person authorized to act for the client, or also imprint customer's stamp.
g) Name and surname of contact person (if this is not indicated, it is considered that to accept the supplied goods is entitled customer or
employee of the customer (company).
3. Unless the order contains requirements specified in previous article, it is considered incomplete. Company Camelus inc. will try to contact the
customer to specification or completion of data. After receiving of the required data by Camelus inc., order is considered valid.
4. After receiving an order the company Camelus inc. is obliged to determine whether the ordered goods are on stock. If ordered goods are not available, or is not in the required amount,company Camelus inc. contacts the customer and shall agree solution (eg delivery in the longer delivery time, etc.).
5. If the customer sends the company Camelus inc. his first order, he is required to put it together with his identification data for tax documents unless otherwise agreed.
6. Phone calls to the company Camelus inc. can be monitored.

III. The purchase price for the goods

1. Mandatory purchase price of goods is presented on the website of Camelus inc. at If there is a change in prices, crucial and valid is the price at the time of delivery of the customer order to Camelus inc.


IV. Conclusion of purchase contract

1. Receipt of the complete order to company Camelus inc. according to Art. II. there is a proposal to conclude a purchase contract.

2. The contract of sale occurs:

a) confirmation of the full  by Camelus inc. provided that the customer ordered the goods for the valid price, or  customer's consent has been given to supply of goods for a longer delivery term under Art. II ..

V. The maturity of the purchase price and payment term

1. The purchase price for the goods which Camelus inc. sends to the customer on basis of customer's order is payable on receipt of goods by customer or to the maturity date stated on document that Camelus inc. issues to the customer.

2. The purchase price shall be considered paid for cashless transfer after crediting the amount on the account of the company Camelus inc. or paying cash on delivery to post office or courier service. Evidence of payment in cash is also a bill from the cash register or the receipt issued by Camelus inc.

3. In case the customer is late in paying the purchase price or its part, he shall forfeit any right to discounts given to him by Camelus inc. and it can claim against him  a penalty of 0.05% of the outstanding amount for each day of delay.

VI. Terms of delivery

1. Company Camelus inc. ensure delivery of goods to the customer by him chosen method to the specified address at the cost of transport according to current postal tariffs or courier delivery rates, respectively specifically agreed price of delivery. In case of  the order the consignments price over € 200 excluding VAT and weight to 10 kg - postage    will be for the customer of this internet shop FREE OF CHARGE. Postage will not be charged also to the customer in case of wrong fulfillment of customer's order from the company Camelus inc., respectively in case of accepted claim of the goods.

2. Unless otherwise agreed by the company Camelus inc. and customer, the company Camelus inc. commits to deliver the goods within 3-7 working days after order confirmation to the customer.

3. Dates of delivery of large quantities of goods, respectively goods specially crafted for the customer (company logo, other types of packaging, produced to order, etc.) shall be determined by agreement.

4. Customer shall without any delay inform the company Camelus inc. of any change in the place of delivery, the identification data or other information that might prevent realization of internet commerce. Company Camelus inc. is not responsible for damage caused by incorrect or late delivery of goods, if it happened because of violation of customer responsibilities under this Article.

5. Risk of damage to the goods passes to the buyer at the moment of receipt of the goods from the carrier or personally.

6. Company Camelus inc. issues the customer a delivery note or tax document (invoice) that is passed to the customer with the delivery of goods.

7. Customer is entitled to return delivery note, respectively tax document (invoice) (ie deliver in provable way to company Camelus inc.) if it contains incorrect price information or document is missing  one of the essential requirements to 7 working days following receipt of the goods. Along with the returned document, the customer must indicate defects, which in his opinion the document shows. If the document is actually issued incorrectly, the company Camelus inc. issues a new to the customer. The obligation to pay the price on the due date stated on  the original document remains the same, if the defect did not lie in  incorrectly determined  purchase price. Maturity in this case runs from the receipt of the corrected document to the customer.

VII. Complaints and warranty period

1. We recommend customers to check the order on takeover of the goods. The customer is obliged to claim incorrect quantity of the goods and apparent defects (damage) on delivery without any delay. We ask customers to provide claim with a specific description of the reported defects. Camelus inc.  guarantees that all cosmetic products are manufactured in quality in accordance with current EU legislation. Given that all cosmetic products are dermatologically tested we do not accept the claims   due to possible individual allergic skin reactions to any component of the product (herbal fragrance, preservatives, etc.). Before use, we recommend that you read the composition (ingredients) of preparation on the outer label. Exceptionally, in appropriate cases, we can replace the unused (i.e. unopened - with an intact inner foil) for another product.
2. Seller is responsible to the buyer that the sold goods are in accordance with the contract, in particular, it is without defects and in usable product expiration for the time of takeover by the purchaser.
3. Because the customer concludes a contract of sale by means of distance communication (telephone, fax, Internet e-shop, etc.) the customer has the right to terminate the contract within 14 days from delivery. The buyer can not cancel the purchase contract if he as a consumer broke original packaging (inner cover) of product.
4. Customer must apply right to terminate the contract according to Art. VII.3. at the company Camelus inc. latest on the last day of the deadline. Customer returns during the subsequent return of goods undamaged, unused and complete products. The right of withdrawal applies only to goods sold in the webshop of Camelus inc. under the foregoing provisions.
5. Goods supplied to the customer is given the warranty period provided by law - for cosmetic products until the date indicated on the product.
6. The warranty period begins from the moment the item was sold to the buyer. For the claim it is necessary to prove  that the goods were purchased from the company Camelus inc. (eg, present a sales evidence, delivery note), and that has been used and stored in the usual way.


VIII. Final provisions

1. These general terms and conditions apply only to relations associated with the purchase of goods through the internet shop of the company Camelus inc.
2. Written agreement between Camelus inc. and customer may be use of the individual articles of these terms and conditions changed.

30/09/2017 Banska Bystrica.

Contact to the general market surveillance authorities in the protection of consumers in the internal market for the region of Banska Bystrica:

Inspectorate for SOI region of Banska Bystrica
Dolna 46
974 00 Banska Bystrica 1


Protection of personal information
The company Camelus inc. (hereinafter "Administrator") processes / will process personal data  (contact information) you provided or will provide to the administrator, and to the extent necessary for the implementation of trade over the Internet. Your personal information will not be provided to third parties.
You are hereby informed that:
You may refuse to provide such data and if you provide any personal information, you do so entirely voluntarily, your consent to the processing of your personal data can be withdrawn at any time.

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